Dos and Don’ts Every Gardener Needs to Know

Being a beginner at gardening, you must prepare yourself for the possible mistakes you may commit while still learning about plants. While errors can be frustrating, you should accept that they happen and just learn from them.


Still, while errors can benefit you in some ways, it would still be better (for most of us) if we don’t have to commit mistakes while gardening. Gardening mistakes can waste your energy, your money, and of course, your time.


For beginners, here are some basic dos and don’ts in gardening you might want to keep in mind:




Do read the packaging for every seed you are planting. Reading carefully will give you a lot of information about the proper handling of each plant. Gardening takes more than simply burying a seed into the ground and watering it. Each plant is unique and may require careful handling. Almost everything you need to know about a plant or a seed is indicated on the packaging.


Do keep an eye on your garden and be mindful of weed growth. Aside from being unsightly, weeds can cause damage to your garden. They can provide shelter for pests, and some can even cause allergies to you or your family members.


Do use fertilizers to facilitate the growth of your plants.




Don’t water your plants excessively. While it might be tempting for some to water their plants too much to ensure plant growth, it is still possible for your plants to get drowned because of excessive watering.


Don’t forget to treat each plant differently. Some plants require direct sunlight while others need shade. Again, read the packaging carefully to be certain that you are not unknowingly killing your plants.


Don’t overuse herbicide on your plants. It’s understandable for some to use herbicide to get rid of unwanted weeds but use it sparingly and carefully so as not to kill off your garden plants.