Gardening Hacks to Make Gardening Much Easier

There’s always something new to learn – even in gardening. For newbies in gardening, there are countless effective gardening hacks you can try the next time you tend your garden and plant some seeds, to make gardening easier.


  • Using eggshells and lemon peels to start your seedlings. Eggshells and lemon peels are great to be used for gardening since both self-compost, and when they do, they provide additional nutrients to the soil which will be beneficial to your plants. Don’t forget to put a small hole at the bottom of the peel or eggshell to allow water to drain properly.
  • Use hydrogen peroxide to prevent rotting of your plants. Mix water with hydrogen peroxide to control its strength. Fungal infections on plants can also be fixed by the mixture of water and hydrogen peroxide.
  • If you don’t have anyone else to water your plants while you go on a trip, use used wine bottles and fill it with water. Then, put the water filled bottle upside down next to your plant, this way, your plants will be well watered for the entire time you are away.
  • Using coffee filters inside the pots, under your plant will also help in maintaining the moisture within the soil. This is excellent if you are tired of seeing all the water easily and quickly being drained from your potted plants as you water them.
  • Adding cinnamon powder to your seedlings will promote quicker stem growth. In addition, cinnamon also has anti-fungal properties which can protect your plants from diseases.
  • Weed growth is something every gardener hates, and you can prevent the weed from growing in your garden by using vinegar. Simply put the vinegar inside a spray bottle and spray away! Vinegar is also amazing at preventing bugs and other pests from damaging your plants.
  • And finally, I learned this trick from a guy who does pavers in Las Vegas, If you have a vegetable garden and is planting tomatoes, add baking soda to the soil for your plant to produce sweeter tomatoes.