Proper Gardening Attire

You wear proper clothes when you do some do-it-yourself painting, you wear the right clothes when you scrub your bathroom floor – when it comes to gardening, you also need to wear the right clothes.


If you wear proper gardening attire, you give yourself added protection and you also make yourself feel comfortable enough to move around freely while tending your garden.


A pair of gardening gloves is a must-have for every gardener. Keep in mind that gardening involves cutting, being exposed to thorny stems, soil, and water. Gloves can help you safely trim and cut bushes and branches and can help protect your hands from water and soil (if you don’t want to hold it with your bare hands). There are so many gardening gloves to choose from – cut resistant, leather, insulated, made from goatskin – choose whatever you are most comfortable using.


Just like gardening gloves, gardening shoes are important too. You would be working directly with earth and water – you have to choose gardening shoes that will provide you with traction as well as protection from water.


Hats can help protect your face from heat while gardening. Gardens are usually placed in areas directly exposed to the sun, and this means that working on a garden gets you exposed to the sunlight, too. While using sunscreen can help you, adding a hat for better protection is a wise move. Regular straw hats are great for gardening.


A light colored, the loose cotton shirt will be ideal for gardening because it will allow your skin to breathe. During gardening, you can expect to be soaked in sweat so you need something breathable. As for the pants, a pair of waterproof workout pants will be great because it can help you move any way you want, and is easy to wash even if they get in contact with dirt.