Useful Tips for Easier Composting

If you want your plants to grow healthy, you need to make your soil healthy. A compost is a natural soil conditioner made from various organic wastes.


Composting is not just beneficial to your garden, it is quite beneficial to the environment as well because it saves the organic wastes from being thrown to the already loaded landfills.


If you are ready to create your own compost bin, here are some tips you might find useful:


Don’t throw your food scraps away. – Food scraps such as bread crusts and lemon peels may be added to your compost.


Don’t throw garden waste away. – Each time you mow your lawn and cut some branches, don’t throw these garden wastes away. Green matter can be quite useful in composting.


Don’t throw paper or cardboard products away. – Paper and cardboard materials are excellent additions to your compost bin. Just don’t forget to shred your papers and cut your cardboard to smaller pieces to help them break down easier.


Chop the organic wastes you will add to your compost bin. – The process of composting greatly involves breaking down the organic materials you have used on it. When you chop the food scraps or garden clippings, you make the breaking down phase easier and faster.


Water it down. – Moisture is mandatory for your compost to break down effectively. Since you are already doing using items that are supposed to be thrown away, you can even maximize what you can do for waste reduction by using used water for your compost such as water used in vases or water used in cooking or boiling.


Turn or mix your compost. – Along with moisture, oxygen is also needed for your organic materials to turn into usable compost. Turn or mix your compost from time to time to make sure each portion would receive the oxygen it needs.